207 Detained After Lathi Charge on SSC protest

Approximately 3000 students hit the streets of delhi continuing their protests against the alleged Staff Selection Commission (SSC) paper leak. And in the process 207 detained after LAthi Charge on SSC protest. Although they were later released.


Students have been protesting outside the Staff Selection Commission’s office at Lodi Road for around 18 days against alleged paper leak of SSC exam. Though some politicians did visited them, but with no outcome . Home minister Mr. Rajnath singh earlier assured the students that a CBI investigation will be carried out. But there is nothing in written and the probe is being carried out only for one exam and not all.

in order to stop these students from protesting, they have taken away all basic necessities from around the place where the protest was going on. The rest rooms for females have been removed, public toilets were closed and much more. But these barriers couldn’t hold the protesters.

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But after they saw that there is no outcome of their peaceful protest, they decided for a road march.


A committee of the SSC aspirants claimed that the group marching towards CP were lathi-charged and manhandled by the Delhi Police. Some students also sustained injuries and some even fainted in the commotion, the committee said condemning the incident.

Bat in an official statement police denied using force, and said the protesters were dealt with  ease and no force was used against them.


A student said that- “We have been demanding an independent and time-bound CBI probe into the conduct of all SSC examinations. The government has not agreed to our genuine demands. Do we not have the right to have a fair and trustworthy examination and recruitment process”.

The students are also demanding the formation of an expert committee to take suggestions from students for systemic reforms in the SSC. The students also accused the government of failing to prevent the alleged leak. They said that they way government is negligent to these issues is total shocker. The series of corruption and paper leaks is unacceptable may that be in state commissions, SSC or CBSE. There is a pattern in these leaks which nullifies the trust of such recruitment and examination board.

Bias nature Of Main Stream Media

One of the committee members said that “One more shocker is the bias nature of main stream media. Even though the protest was on such a huge scale, they either neglected it or gave a 1-2 minutes on screen duration. Making it seem as no big deal. This attitude of media shows that either they are systematically working to silence the protest or are just TRP based entertainment media house. ”

After the alleged COBRAPOST, these facts are strengthening and their work too is in question.

It is really an alarming situation. The state and central governments should join hands to eradicate this problem. And the genuine demands of the SSC protesters as well as the CBSE one’s should be addressed.

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