CBSE paper leak and re exam

                                              CBSE paper leak and re exam-

CBSE or central board of secondary education has decided to take the re exam for Class XII economics and Class X maths papers. This decision has been taken against the confirmation of paper leaks for the mentioned two subjects.


As soon as the news broke up parents have reacted furiously. And students are in the state of shock. They are not able to digest that the hard work they had put up for this very exam has all turned out to be nothing. And they now again have to feel the trauma and hype of the board exams which they thought of getting relief from.







CBSE chief ANITA KARWAL has said that the decision has been taken to be impartial and give a trustworthy examination.

CBSE New exam dates-

An exam notice has been released which states that the details about the re exam and schedule will be updated meanwhile in a week . It states that strict action will be taken against those involved in this malpractice.

The police have questioned more than 2 dozen people on this issue. And they say that they have received important clues to solve the case.

Since the SSC protest, government of India was facing criticism. And the leak of CBSE paper has put it in the back foot. Opposition too has come up strong on this matter. Union Minister PRAKASH JAVEDKAR has shown concern on the matter. And he states that the new schedule of exam will be updated till MONDAY or TUESDAY. He also mentioned that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi too has eyes on this issue and is very much concerned about the matter.


Reaction of students and parents-

Well as expected the reaction of students and parents are furious. Students who were relieved after their exam was over are now again feeling the same burden and chaos. On the other hand parents are in anger too. They are very much concerned about their children.

A student when contacted said- ” If their has been a misconduct in the exam then it’s the fault of CBSE. Why should i or anyone be tortured for someone else’s mistake”.

We got almost the same reaction from the students all across the nation be that of MUMBAI, PUNE, DELHI, PATNA, RANCHI, BANGAORE etc.


It must be noted that the news of paper leak was circulated week ago. But the screenshots of whatsapp and other photos gave the fuel to the matter. And now the fact has been cemented that the papers were actually leaked.

Demand for re exam of all papers-

Students held a protest in DELHI demanding for the re exam of all papers and not just these two. They do have a valid point. They are saying that if these two papers are leaked then it confirms the rumors that all the papers were leaked. Thus re exam for all papers should be conducted .

Well we too will keep an eye on the issue and notify the new schedule and other updates. We hope for the best of the students.


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