Massive Growth of Unemployment in India

Massive Growth of Unemployment in India-

Massive growth of unemployment in India has been registered in last 3 years. Job creation  is suffering and fresh data released by the Labour Bureau shows the extent of worry on this count.  Economic Survey points to a shift in the pattern of employment from permanent jobs to casual and contract employment.

With the largest population of under 35, an advantage that is likely to remain with India for the next 3 decades. But there comes a challenge too that is “India needs jobs”. GDP growth of the country is shown as increasing. But unemployment too is increasing with a steady pace.

Unemployment in India-

Railway recruitment board has received more than two crore applications for about one lakh vacancies, according to reports. This itself shows the alarming situation of the unemployment in the country. This is also because people want stability and depth in their career which only government jobs can provide. And still people don’t look after private jobs as a permanent solution.

Also, there is a great uncertainty in the job market. First Demonetization and then GST, both played a crucial role too. Many people lost their job in demonetization.

Even though the present government persuades to start one’s own work field and give others employment. But this doesn’t seems practical at all. Leaving the few, people don’t have enough capital to be invested to start their own enterprise, company etc.

From the very childhood, a student tries hard and after giving 20 years of his life he earns a degree. And that is just to get a job and forcing them to start a business seems impractical. Even these days “PAKODA POLITICS” too emerged very randomly. Where some of the politicians suggested the youth that they can even have a stall of pakodas. And it is too a type of employment.

Well it may be, but not for someone who has worked so hard for his whole life and earned a graduation or masters degree. Is is logical at all.

Scams Surrounding the Jobs-

It has been reported by the Central government as well as many state governments too that over 5 lacks jobs are in pending. And there are talks in the corridor to nullify them too. As the unemployment rate is booming to a new peak, and over that is such step is taken will that not worsen the situation.

Also the slow pace of Selection Commissions in recruitment and corruption is a major factor too contributing to worsen the condition. According to the BSE-CMIE month wise unemployment data, November and December last year were the worst months for jobs in the entire 12-month period.

Massive Growth of Unemployment in India-

With the projected 7.6 percent annual GDP growth in the next two years, India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. But there is clear road map how to increase the job opportunities. And the situation is not looking better going ahead. We are not posting any statistics because it will just bring panic to new aspirants. Data and statistics are widely available on many platforms.

India is one of the best sources of quality human resources to the world. Higher education isn’t scarce, jobs and quality education are. The aspiring middle class, migrates to urban centers from India’s villages hoping better jobs and income. But there is no proper channel to provide them a financial security.

Around 58 percent of unemployed graduates and 62 percent of unemployed post graduates cited non-availability of jobs matching with education/skill and experience as the main reason for unemployment.

This situation is alarming and must be dealt with seriousness. Else the agitation and frustration will build and is not good for the development of the nation. More and more opportunities should be created. And government should try to build a better education system which itself will eliminate the need of SKILL INDIA. A jobless economic growth is of no good and will dampen the nations’s growth in long term.

Further the government in center and state both should work to provide a trustworthy commission for recruitment free from any corruption and in said duration.

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