No Re Exam for Class 10th CBSE

After a week of protests and investigations, government decided no re exam for class 10th CBSE students. This has come as a breeze of relief for all the students of Delhi/NCR and Haryana.

No Re Exam for Class 10th CBSE-

It was previously decide that a re exam will be conducted for class 10th maths paper and 12th Economics paper. But it was met with opposition by the students, parents and teachers as well. It further followed with protests in every part of the country. The decision was stressful for every student who appeared in the board exams. They just came out of the exam fever and this decision was like a torture to them.

CBSE LEAK news bahart

 A thorough analysis and evaluation of the answer sheets was carried out. It showed no specific trend that the leak had impacted the exam outcome. Thus, finally government has decided not to burden the students of class 10th with any re exam. This decision came as a a relief for more than 14 lakh students. Also the HRD ministry took a soft stand and believed that class 10th is just is of qualifying nature for admission in Higher secondary.  Which is a different than 12th board which leads to admission in universities and can affect the career.

Re exam for class 12th-

The re-examination for Class 12th economics paper will take place as scheduled on April 25. And there has been second words on postponement of re exam. Thus, students of class 12th will have to face this exam trauma again.

But still the question which remains unsolved is related to the duration of re exam and result. Because there are several universities and institutions in country as well as outside where admission has a particular duration. And if there is slight delay in result, then how come these students will be able to apply for the same.

Also, there are many arrests going on even in states like Bihar, Jharkhand , Delhi etc. which proves the paper leak. So, what will be the stand of the government against it. And what it can do to prevent it from happening further.

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