SSC Descriptive Paper Essay Writing Topic 1

We previously said that we are going to provide you important topics of descriptive paper in SSC exams. And thus, we are proving the same with bonus points of sample essays too and not just topics list. So, here we are with the SSC descriptive paper essay writing Topic 1 i.e. RIGHT TO INFORMATION.

Right to Information

Constitution gives us Fundamental Rights. Freedom of speech and expression is one of such right. But without any information it seems meaningless. Right of information provides us better view and knowledge enabling us to express and form our own perspectives. Thus, RIght to Information  or RTI was passed on 15th JUNE 2005 and came into existence on 13th oct 2005 by the parliament of INDIA. RTI covers every part of the country except Jammu and Kashmir for security reasons.

RTI removed the official Secrets Act 1923 and other laws which helped in hiding information from the citizen. Thus, RTI grants the power to citizen of India to demand any information ( with exemptions),  documentation of such working, and copy in electronic media too. A Public Information Officer is appointed by every organisation to provide the information. There has been specified deadline of 30 days to provide the information. And if their is a matter of life and liberty it is at most 48 hours. If any further delay a penalty of Rs 250 ( maximum up to 250000) will be charged. These features makes this ACT a crucial step against the corruption and suppressible nature of policies.

RTI has all the tools to strengthen the people through information. But lack of information even about RTI is a concern. Common people don’t have awareness on how to use RTI  although situation is getting better now. Any democracy requires an informed citizen. Only an enlightened citizen can work for the quality building of the nation which is free from corruption and step forward towards freedom of thoughts and develpment.

SSC Descriptive Paper Essay Writing Topic 1- “Right to Information

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