SSC Descriptive Paper Essay Writing

Since the SSC CGL tier 2 exam is over and people are waiting eagerly for Tier 3. People are also searching for many topics for the preparation. It is better we discuss about the SSC DESCRIPTIVE PAPER essay Writing in this article.

Basic information about Descriptive Paper-

Well descriptive paper or tier 3 is taken by the commission to check the writing skill of the candidate. Some important points to notes are-

  1. It is an offline mode of examination. That means you need to write it through pen and paper mode.
  2. It includes- Essay writing, Letter writing and may be Precise writing. It depends on the commission to decide the what to choose.
  3. Total marks of the paper is 100 marks.
  4. Essay writing is of 50 marks ( or 60 marks ) as decided by SSC. Remaining marks will be distributed among Letter writing and Precise writing.
  5. Duration of the exam – 1 hour
  6. Paper can be solved in wither HINDI or ENGLISH. No other language is allowed. Also you cannot partially attempt the paper in English and Hindi. Only one language needs to be followed.
  7. Word limit for the essay is 250 -300 words. And for letter would be 150 words according to the marks allotted .

Strategy for SSC Descriptive Paper Essay Writing-

Since now you must have searched for the important topics and samples for SSC CGL tier 3. Thus, the vastness of syllabus is not hidden to anyone. So, we will try to take the topics one by one so everything is completed in said duration.  We now onward will provide important descriptive essay topics on a regular basis. And after that we will provide samples on Letter too. Hence, you will not have to search for the same everywhere.

Strategy for essay writing-

  • Read newspaper on daily basis and focus more on editorial column.
  • Go through monthly magazines which have several articles on current ongoing issues.
  • Don’t just read the topics. But you must write at least 2 articles a day apart from reading.
  • Try to follow this format-
  2. BODY which has all information related the issue/topic
  3. Conclusion

Don’t try to over write and exceed the word limit. Follow three paragraph method to explain yourself well.  Hence,it will help you maintain the word count.

  • Buy a good book of essay and letter writing.  So that you could have a basic knowledge of the topics.
  • Reading is the key to maintain your thought process about any topic. So, just read and then pen it down.

We are going to provide you sample on several important topics which are very relevant to SSC exams. So, keep checking the website daily for the same and click here if you want information regarding the latest job vacancies.

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