Students to Protest against SSC on 31 March

Students to Protest against SSC on 31 March-

The continuous negligence by the SSC has forced the students to Protest against SSC on 31 March

There were reports of one aspirant caught with the answer script before the examination in Delhi on 17th of Feb 2018. And on the same day SSC decided to cancel the second shift of the exam.

Later answer keys of the ongoing paper appeared on social media even as the exam was going on. But no further actions were taken against the same. This enraged the aspirants. And in agitation they started to collect in large number to protest against SSC in CGO complex New Delhi.

Students Protest against SSC –

A raid by a joint team of Uttar Pradesh Police STF and Delhi Police in Timarpur on 27th March caught a crime syndicate have admitted to leak the SSC paper. Which further cemented the fact that there were leaks in the examination.

A long protest though forced the government to take some action, they just took it against SSC CGL only. But the demands of the protestors was not limited just to CGL only but CBI enquiry for all SSC exams.

Students are demanding just the fair conduct of examination and a trustworthy commission.


Demands to be made on 31st March-

  1. Well continuous negligence by the government has forced the students to protest against SSC on 31st March. Their demands are fair too.
  2. CBI enquiry for every SSC exam held in this duration.
  3. No further conduct of examination till the investigation is completed.
  4. CBI investigation be monitored by a Supreme Court-appointed committee.
  5. Investigation of all tiers of all exams conducted by the SSC (such as the CHSL – combined higher secondary level examination) in the past one year.
  6. Quick investigation under given duration.

Students have said that the government though has accepted the demand for CBI probe, but did not give any written assurance for CBI investigation. Also there are many forces acting against the protesters to sideline the protest. These forces are working to nullify all the efforts made by the protesters. Even the media coverage which must be given to the issue is not at all sufficient.

Considering every aspect, it has become necessary for the aspirants to take some steps. And our constitution also permits peaceful protest which these aspirants are talking about. So,  the demand of just and fair conduct of examination and a trustworthy commission is really not wrong. And demand of students does seem justified.

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