Top 10 apps to Build your Vocabulary

Top 10 apps to Build your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is something everyone wants to build. It not only helps in examinations but also enhances your confidence while speaking. Here we are presenting top 10 apps to build your vocabulary.

1.)  Vocabulary Builder ( by Magoosh)-

Magoosh is an online preparation company that helps graduates do better on the GRE and other examinations. It basically is a quiz app which aims at improving scores on the GRE.       Link to download.

2.) app helps you master words through a fun and addictive game. If one is preparing for GRE you can have this app too. Link to download.

3.) Vocab App: Editorial, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary-

This is no doubt one of the best app for SSC and UPSC aspirants. It contains The Hindu Editorials, it’s analysis, Spotting Error Rule, Root Word of the day, Idiom of the day, 10 New Vocab and much more. LInk to download.

4.)  Learn English Vocabulary-

This app use Visual memory technique to build your Vocabulary skills. Visual Vocabulary app is the best way to improve your language skills by answering Test and Listening task questions.
Visual Vocabulary app is perfect for Beginner, Pre-Intermediate , Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. Nice design and easy interface navigation make it clear and more attractable. Link to download.

5.) Ultimate Vocabulary Prep for English, GRE & exams-

The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder from Galvanize Test Prep is a unique learning tool: far from being forced to study a long and boring list of English words. It is helpful for those who want to learn when they play and it counts on the same. It includes point system in game format. Thus making it easy to grasp. LInk to download.

6.) VoLT – Vocabulary Learning-

It provides the user with various innovative techniques to remember difficult English words. It is very much helpful for CAT, MAT, GRE, SSC, BANK exams. Volt app associates difficult but important English words with normal life events, funny stories, pictures. Thus makes the learning process easier and effective too. Link to download.

7.) TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards (by magoosh)-

This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s TOEFL flash cards. The only drawback is you need to make an account in Magoosh although that is free. This app uses flash cards with repetitive approach and smart algorithm.

8.) Power Vocab-

It is a definition matching game which certainly will help you in enhancing your synonyms collection. Players match words against multiple-choice definitions with the added elements of competing against other players and playing against the clock. LINK to download.

9.) is the leading free English dictionary app. But apart from being a dictionary, it provides Favorite words and search history, Idioms and Phrases, word of the day and much more. We do need this type of dictionary on the long run to know the meaning of random words. Link to download.

10.) GRE Daily Vocabulary-

This app is best used in combination with the full Economist GRE Tutor program, which utilizes adaptive learning technology to provide top tier practice for every topic on the GRE. You can save words to review later and flip through our archive to see words from past days.               Link to download.

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